2021 Hesperis Vidiano

The Philosophy
The Vidiano is an exceptional Cretan variety that evolves beautifully over time. We aim to highlight this aspect with our elegant barrel-aged expression that it is released to the market, only after having spent all the necessary time in the winery to fully unfold its complex character, even if it takes several years. Its name is inspired by the darkness that prevails inside the barrel and the bottle during the time the wine matures in the peaceful atmosphere of the winery.
Flavor Characteristics
Moderate intensity golden color with green highlights. Maturation leads to the development of a complex aromatic bouquet with juicy stone fruits, such as apricot and quince, chamomile, honey, vanilla, as well as mineral notes. On the palate, it boasts an exuberant taste dominated by honeyed fruits and harmonious acidity, with a long, dry, nutty aftertaste. The wine has the potential to age for at least 3-4 more years.

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Classification: PGI Crete (Protected Geographical Indication)
Harvest Date: Sept. 5th – Sept. 15th
Fermentation: 30 Days
Maturation: 4 months in tanks with batonnage, 4 months maturation in oak barrels, and at least 8 months in the bottle.
Aging potential: 3-4 years
Wine Composition: 100% Vidiano
pH: 3.34
Alcohol: 13.0%
Total acid: 6.3g/L tartaric
Sugars: 1.9g/L
Serving temp.: 10-12°C
Food pairing: Enjoy it with fresh salads, vegetable soups, vegetables stews, pies, seafood, grilled or fried fish, chicken, pork with white sauces, stuffed grape leaves, and dishes with cheese.



Fermentation of free run juice at 15°C with selected yeasts.