2012 Liatiko sun-dry red

The Philosophy
The indigenous red grape variety Mandilari meets the cosmopolitan Syrah in a wine that expresses the winemaker’s patience and perseverance towards perfection. This wine is produced only in exceptional years and it is kept in the winery until it fully develops its character, even if it takes several years. After maturing for many months in oak barrels, it is aged for a few years in the bottle to reveal its complex bouquet and allow the tannins to soften, while maintaining its freshness.
Flavor Characteristics
Deep red color with violet hues. Complex aromas of dark fruits, with dominant notes of cherries and blackberries, combined with hints of pepper, vanilla, tobacco, chocolate, and leather. Rich in flavor with robust but refined tannins, a very nice balance of acidity, alcohol and density of fruit, and a persistent spicy aftertaste.

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Classification: PDO Dafnes
Harvest Date: Sept. 05th – Sept. 20th
Fermentation: 30 Days *
Maturation: 4 years in French oak barrels 225lts
Aging potential: 10 – 20 years
Wine Composition: 100% Liatiko
pH: 3.7
Alcohol: 12.5%
Acid: 7.9g/L tartaric
Sugars: 200g/L
Serving temp.: 12-14°C
Food pairing: Enjoy it with bitter and chocolate desserts, dried fruits and dessert with nuts, dark fruits, caramel and coffee, as well as intense cheeses and fine cigars.



The grapes are sun-dried for 8 days on trays. This is followed by red winemaking with extraction at 30°C and fermentation.


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